Wedding Invitations Ideas To Make Yourself

Wedding Invitations Ideas To Make Yourself Your landlubber guests will love pirate invites featuring things associated with a pirate’s life: a Caribbean tropical isle, pirate eye patches, utmost left on a deserted isle, peg leg pirate boat captains, pirate’s gold and cherish chests, buccaneer ships, birds, skull and cross bone fragments, pirate costumes, or buccaneer treasure map invitations. If you would like your guests to arrive in outfit, don’t forget to add that information towards your invitation.

You can also provide sailing hats, eye patches or even pirate earrings for your attendees to wear to get in the nature of a hale and delicious time when pirates traveled the world the seas. Jeanette Herren, owner of Announcingit. com, has been helping people commemorate life’s special occasions with customized printed party invitations over 19 years. You will find unique, unique invitations that suit your style as well as your budget for child, kids, adult, wedding, company, corporate, holiday and Xmas as well as “how-to” articles along with wording ideas for your announcements.


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