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Print Wedding Invitations realm receives tapestry, and marble in the lords of those lands, and its own capital has a large number of fountains and obelisks of towering peaks, capped with ivory. It's a most wondrous spot in the world, also King Htadd III, that has dropped his wife of older age, following 432-years of union is, (the king being over 500-years older, and it's not uncommon to reside on this world around and outside 600-years) is currently on the lookout for a brand new queen.

Even though the king and his cohorts do convey with very limited bases throughout the device of their obelisks, which transmit airwaves to other planets, it's never been tried (as previously mentioned) that a spacecraft must land and enter onto this asteroid planet. And due to the nature of things, Archking Htadd hasn't tried to construct such a craft, and therefore, creating a heaven, like his dad, and his father's dad with all the taxation monies he awakens, and maintaining it's been their principal aim, and obligation, as they view it to get the own people.

During history, covenants are created between Nations, involving Kings and their themes, involving people (as in marriage), and even between God and Man. When this type of covenant was set, there were rights and responsibilities on either side, along with the covenants were sealed by presents, by a kiss, either with a handshake, or from the sharing of a frequent meal.

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